Booking Tee Times

All Tee Times must be booked in advance of arriving at the course.  Tee Times are every 10 minutes during the day and are for a maximum of 4 players.


Visitors can book here.



All Tee Time bookings need to be made either via the smart phone app (easiest option) or via the web page for the booking system.  For both you need to either use an existing 'HowDidiDo' account that you already have or you need to create a new account.  Once you have a HowDoiDo account you can log into the app and then link your account to Auchenblae Golf Course.  Once you have linked your account you can then book Tee Times using the instructions below. (you can have multiple golf courses using the same HowDidIDo account - but the account must use the same email address that you have given us for your membership at Auchenblae).

To book a Tee Time you need to install the smart phone app on your phone.

For Apple devices click here:

For Android devices click here:

Once you have installed the App you then need to run the App.  It will then ask if you already have a HowDidiDo account or not.  If you do select that option and enter your email address and password.  If you don't you will need to register for a new account, complete the details and then confirm your email address by clicking on the link that will be emailed to you.  As above, you must us the same email address for HowDidiDo as you gave us when we created your membership account for the course.

Once you have logged in you need to add Auchenblae Golf Course to your account you can then book a tee time as per the instructions on the link below.

For instructions on using the phone app click here:

Please remember you must use the same email address as the one you have given us for your membership of the course.

You can also book Tee Times online via a web browser:

If you need support with the app / tee booking software you will need to email the supplier - click here to email them :  - they only provide support via email.

We have no access to the membership app so cannot help you, sorry.

Course Information

  • 9 Hole golf course
  • 3,640 yards
  • Par 64
  • Open to Members, Guests.and Visitors 
(Course reserved for Golf Club members on Wednesday evenings)

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